Lead with Enhanced Acceleration to reach your Peak Performance

******Attention Female Entrepreneurs****

Are you a purposeful driven Female Entrepreneur that loves what you do but just can't seem to alleviate the hustle in your day-to-day? Are you looking for alternative ways to create more revenue streams in your business so you have more time, more money and spend the hours in your day doing what it is that you love?


If you answered yes to any of those questions, then you simply can't afford to miss this LIVE virtual 3-day event. Yes, it’s for YOU!


3 Days


500 Attendees

What if you had a clear strategic plan of execution to increase your productivity and profits to accelerate the growth of your business all while feeling like a CHAMPION?

Colleen is a Peak Performance Coach who empowers women to take the bold steps to Lead Up in their lives and in their businesses by stepping into the spotlight to expand their influence and attract more clients. Colleen Biggs has extensive success and experience for over 18 years consulting over 340 business launches.


It’s because she starts with providing her clients a strategic approach to using their experience, wisdom, strengths, and skill sets to build and scale a successful, profitable business.


Colleen was awarded Local Business person of the year in 2021.

Colleen believes that we are all unique and possess God-given talents and strengths that make us UNBREAKABLE. When you capitalize on these and lean into your UNSHAKEABLE purpose, driving revenue becomes easy! Her husband says she can pull money out of thin air, it’s true!


Colleen leads three successful businesses, Lead Up for Women, L.E.A.P. and Infinite Impact! 2 of those businesses reaching over $100,000 within the first 2 months.  She is an Author of the #1 Best-Selling International Book: The Anatomy of Accomplishment, an elite podcast host, has published two Journals on Amazon, and publishes a bi-monthly magazine.


She could not achieve these levels of success without a strategic business plan (Acceleration blueprint), Community, increased productivity through time-blocking (which she will teach at this event), and her INVINCIBLE attitude!

This 3-day Business training is designed to show you where you are leaving money on the table, how to attract your ideal clients, and how to take the necessary steps to increase your productivity, be UNBREAKABLE on your journey and make more money!


And here’s the exciting news……….


We start exactly where you are in your business, right now!

Wouldn’t it be great if you had the clarity to see beyond your blind spots? Wouldn’t it be great to know exactly what sets you apart and know what to say to leave a lasting impression?


Being confident in what you offer and what sets you apart from your competition is only the beginning. Armed with the right tools, clarity, community, UNSTOPPABLE STRENGTH and strategic plan makes increasing revenue a breeze! I think we can all agree that with this combination, your business, would be more profitable and you would spend the hours in your day doing what you love!


Colleen believes that the power of community and surrounding ourselves with the people that fuel our fire is the foundation of success.



So, what are you waiting for?



BE A PEAK PERFORMER      Get More Done in Less Time

Focusing on the “One Thing” and time blocking our schedules are crucial in the success of our businesses. In this conference you will learn how to be Gisele like intensive for focusing on the 20% of what drives 80% of your results



Create Consistent Income

Where are you leaving money on the table? Are you chasing your clients over and over again? Are you the “Edible Arrangements” of your business (a fun story to be told here)?  Stay tuned as Colleen not only shares her stories and experiences with you but will illustrate for you how to create consistent revenue streams.

Visibility + Influence = Impact

If you are not being seen, heard, and are visible you are being overlooked. Get your pen ready to take copious notes on all the different ways you can be visible to attract your right clients, not Hustle, and go fishing for them daily!




Goal Setting that Actually Works

What is your vision? Have you taken that vision and broken it down into a strategic plan including daily tactical/practical actions that you are monitoring annually, quarterly monthly, weekly, and even daily? During this event Colleen will share some of her never-told secrets of how she is able to exceed her goals through these methods.


Follow up and Follow Through

Cultivating relationships drives sales. Period. The more people know you and like you, the more they trust you! Build meaningful relationships with others by serving in your purpose first. Be prepared to learn the secrets that Colleen uses to cultivate meaningful and lasting relationships with others that become revenue-generating partnerships.

How to Generate More Leads

When you are speaking on stage, at a networking event, or even on a podcast, are you leaving a call to action? Do the listeners KNOW what you want them to do next? If not, join us as we discuss how to leave a lasting impression on others by leaving them wanting more!


I am

 Invincible, Unbreakable, Unstoppable, Unshakeable

Register for Our Event Now!

Join us August 11 - 13, 2021

Imagine your purposeful mission and business revenue aligning with your vision to provide more opportunity for you and your family? Be INVINCIBLE in your pursuit!

Taking a Leap of faith does not have to include a blindfold. Take off the blindfold and be UNSTOPPABLE in achieving the success you desire.

Leading with an enhanced acceleration in your business to reach your peak performance as a Leader doesn't have to be HARD!  Be UNSHAKEABLE and invite fun and excitement to join the party!


W.I.F.M!  What's in it for me?

I’m so glad you asked because this is all about YOU and YOUR business

Here’s what you can expect to gain:

  • How to attract your ideal client

  • Gain an INVINCIBLE attitude, not to be confused with ego, those don’t reside here!

  • Increased clarity of your current offering and where you are leaving money on the table

  • UNSTOPPABLE support from a tribe of women that will lift you during and after the event

  • A fresh perspective on fun and excitement in your business

  • Steps to achieving increased success in your business

  • Increased strength in your belief of your unique power and what sets you apart from others

  • Increased UNBREAKABLE strength in your belief of your unique power and what sets you apart from others

  • Be the CHAMPION of your Business

  • Steps to becoming a Peak Performer in your business

  • UNSHAKEABLE Confidence!!








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Tuesday Eve Bonus Networking Event

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Why become a Member of Lead Up for Women?

  1. Be seen, Be heard, be visible.
  2. Connect with other like-minded women
  3. Step into the spotlight and show up on all platforms Lead Up has to offer for you to expand your influence and attract more customers

Refund Policy    

No refunds will be issued. Tickets may be transferred to another individual


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

This event is guaranteed to massively support you in growing your business. We are providing you the necessary resources and tools you need to move your business forward. However, if at the close of day one, you are not completely satisfied, please check into our desk by 5:30 pm PST and you’ll get a refund on the spot. I am that confident that this is the best event you can attend for your business this year!


The L.E.A.P. Event is for those ready and willing to take action in their business and want to implement the proven strategies immediately! We know you aren’t tire-kickers waiting around for others to pull the trigger for you!


With that in mind, there is no risk for you to attend this event. The only risk would be to NOT attend the L.E.A.P. Event and find yourselves in the exact same place a year from now.


Meet Our Speakers

Below is our lineup of speakers for this event.


Peak Performance Coach, Speaker #1 Best-Selling Author, Founder Lead Up for Women


Recovery Lifestyle Enthusiast, Speaker, and Writer.


Owner of Each Penny Bookkeeping


CEO & Founder of Sterl on Style


Graphic Design


Communications and Marketing Expert


Founder & Chief Solution Architect, BizBolster Web Solutions


International motivational speaker, author of two best-selling books, and an award-winning entrepreneurial coach


Award-Winning International Speaker and Alignment Coach, Chief Inspiration Officer of the Get Shit Done Platform


Public Speaking Trainer and Mentor


Hammersmith Support


Thank you to all of our Sponsors/Vendors that are participating in this 3-day event for YOU! They will be available virtually throughout the conference to provide female entrepreneurs with all the tools they need to operate a successful business.


Female Entrepreneurs that want, need, and desire to...

  • Drive More Revenue in their Business

  • Have More Time

  • Attract More Clients

  • Leave a Lasting Impression

  • Gain Clarity on Offerings

  • Create Consistent Income in Your Business

  • Be Surrounded by a Tribe of Like-Minded Women to Empower your Individuality!


  • Need a Strategic Business Plan

Virtual Event


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