First you need to GET CLEAR and GET SPECIFIC...

    What is your message, and who is it for? What is the message for the individual? What problem do you solve? Why are YOU the ONE to deliver this message?


    You want to solve a specific problem for a specific person with a specific solution that is specific to you.


    This step-by-step process will SET YOU FREE!

    Search Google using keywords and find gigs online.  This is time-consuming, but can be effective.  Reach out to speakers, follow speakers and use your network to follow your network. Hire a service to assist you or join speaking organizations.


    Time for the most important part in the Process.... GET PAID!


    There are a few ways to make money with speaking. Each pay pathway has pros and cons as well as elements you need in place before, during and after the talk to make sure you are getting results.



    It's not enough to just be a speaker.... ITS TIME TO GET GOOD!

    Time to get REAL... There really are no born speakers, there are no natural talents, there are no speakers that just knock it out of the park... without training and practice.


    Speak every opportunity you can.  At networking groups, on free stages, in the mirror, to the dogs in the living room, at speaking workshops, trainings and ON STAGES!



    Now go get an ROI or Return on your Time, Money and Energy Investment

    Your Fourth Get is Go out and DO IT!! Get the Gigs, Speak on the Stages, Wow the Audiences... but wait how do you do that? There are a number of ways to find gigs depending on your resources of time and money

Dannella Burnett

Event Producer/ Speaker Strategist

Dannella Burnett works with speakers, authors, coaches and consultants to get them on more stages and get them paid.  With a think outside the box mentality, Dannella finds solutions that others don't and makes things happen for those she works with. 


Speakers Need to Speak was created because of her belief that speakers need to be on more stages and need help to get there.  She and her team will bring the leads and the stages to you and help you find more  opportunities.




Whatever level you need, we've got you covered.  For those looking to get a leads list, be a part of our community and expand their speaking...our General Membership is great!


For those looking for a little more...guaranteed gigs, supersummits, an Admin to help you get booked and MORE.  Check both levels out below!

Messages without Monetization Will go Mute


Speakers Need to Speak

...and Get Paid


With our SNTS Elite Member, you get ALL of the great items in the General Member AND the Following:

18 Guaranteed VISIBILITY Opportunities

  • 2 Premium Speaking Gigs in our 4 SNTS Super Summits
    December - Speakers
    - February - Relationships
    - May - Business
    - August - TBD
  • 1 Episode on Experts & Events TV

    - seen on the JD3TV Network
    - beginning November 2021
  • 1 Episode on Experts & Events Podcast

    - seen on the JD3TV Network
    - beginning November 2021
  • 1 Presentation to the SNTS Community


  • 1 Interview in Visibility by SNTS Facebook Group


  • 6 Guaranteed Personally Curated Gigs


  • 6 Guaranteed Podcasts  


  • Additional Monthly 100 Hot Speaking Leads

    In addition to the original 100, Elites get 100 additional leads on a monthly basis

  • VA to Book Opportunities

    A Virtual Assistant dedicated to you to help you get applications out monthy

  • $1000 Event or Sponsorship Credit

    Credit on a 1-Day or 3-Day Event that is executed within the year OR Credit toward a sponsorship

Secure Order

256BIT – Encryption


$1598 Savings

$291 Savings


Billed Annually



Monthly Payment Plan



12 Month Member

Billed Monthly





This Program is an Annual (12-month) Commitment

Billed in 12 Monthly Payments

This program is an annual program and begins each year in the month of October.  We are currently adding names to the wait list for next year.  If you'd like to find out more information or put your name on the waitlist for 2022 please let us know at admin@encorespeakersandevents.com

It's not who you know....

but who knows you!

--David Arvin

Take The Speakers Journey With Us

A Ready to Go Proven Network For Speakers

Dannella and her entire team have been miracle workers for my 3-day event. Dannella has become a good friend of mine over the past 2 years that we have known each other and has provided an infinite number of opportunities for me and my community for extended exposure outside of Lead Up for Women in the areas of joint ventures, speaking, etc. I highly recommend connecting with Dannella and her team for your next event, getting on stages, and being the best version you can be as a speaker. . ”

Colleen Biggs

Founder - Lead Up for Women

“ I can never thank Dannella enough for allowing me to be in the speaking competition never mind winning it. Winning this contest has connected me with other established speakers that now want to work with me opening doors I thought were only made for others to go through.

It’s truly an honor being the first speaking champion for Dannella and her amazing organization and great people that she has with her. They are so easy to fall in love with, they know how to treat their people and I'm so glad to be part of the family ”

Will Hicks


Dannella's motivation and encouragement has gotten me on stages and speaking.  Ever since I joined her program I'm getting on more stages, getting better at speaking and getting more leads and clients.


From this experience, not only has my business grown, my confidence, communication and credibility has soared.






My favorite benefit is the monthly event list with the contact's direct email.  it allows me to see what's out there, then use Dannellas's tricks to minimize the list quickly and find great opportunities.



There is one more stage, one more connection or one more speech that will launch your dreams of a bigger vision!

You know there is always room for more opportunity, more experience and more connections. At Speakers Need to Speak we provide all of those resources and more. It’s time you let someone help you find events, stages to get booked and put money in your bank account. After all, it starts and ends with you, because it’s your Speaking Journey.

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